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Face Masks: $14​

I have been following all of the recommendations for face masks.  Because of these recommendations, all of my masks are:

- 4 layers, two layers batik or other quilt fabric (all of my fabrics), two layers of light-medium weight non-woven polyestester interfacing

- Removable, adjustable nose-piece

- Tie straps (recommended).  If you prefer elastic ear loops, please mention when ordering.  

Care: All are safe for washing/drying.

Ships: Within one week.​​​

Three styles:

​F1: Pleated. Works best with a square jaw.

F2: Pleated with chin darts. Works best with rounded or narrower jaw.

F3: Pocketed. Universal fit, includes a pocket to add additional filtering materials.​


Pleated (F1 & F2)


Pocketed (F3)


Chin darts (F2)

No chin darts (F1)


It is recommended to choose a batik fabric because of the tight weave.  However, all of my fabrics are quilting cottons and can, for the most part, be made into a mask.  Because masks are made to be washed and dried, I do not recommend anything with a metallic or glitter finish as they will not hold up in the dryer--this finish will start to fade.  I have marked the fabrics that are most suitable for masks.  If you choose a mask that has glitter, please note that I will put a different fabric on the interior of the mask so the glitter does not come off on your face.

Please note: This is not a medical-grade mask and no medical claims are being made.

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