Handcrafted Quality

 M to M Inspirations, LLC 

Large bowl, ~ 2.5in deep

Medium bowl, ~ 2 in deep

Small bowl, ~ 1in deep

Small tray, ~ .5in deep

Fabric Bowls

-Shaped from a sheet of plastic between fabric layers

-Water-resistant glaze for easier cleaning

-Great for:  jewelry, office supplies, eye glasses, hearing aids, keys, wallets, entryways, centerpieces, wall hangings, much more!

-Please note that they are all molded by hand.  There is a fluctuation in the final dimensions--each one is unique.

-Care: Wipe with wet towel, mild soap if necessary.  Yes, they can get wet!  No microwave or dishwasher, though!

-Ships within two weeks--these take a while to process through all the steps.​​ 

-Extensive amount of ready to ship if you don't want to wait!

Small: $10

Medium: $17

Large: $25

Extra Large: $35

XL bowl, ~3in deep

Medium tray, ~ 1.25 in deep